Product Introduction

Innovative Service

Credible records of data, user identity, identity-based digital asset,realizing the cross-agency authentication,circulation of registry and digital assets.

Safe and Trustworthy

Independent intellectual property rights for the underlying enterprise permissioned blockchain applications, and protect the identity security through hardware cryptography device.

Neutral on Business

The partner who upload the data is responsible for its business accuracy,BROP platform is only responsible for data integrity, reliability and verifiability.

Development Friendly

Complete RESTful interfaces and SDK provided to capsulate blockchain raw RPC calls.


Food Tracing
Information Publicity
Certificates Preservation
Donation Funds Follow
ID Registry
Medical Big Data
Notes Transfer
Tickets Transfer


Blockchain-Registry-Open-Platform (abb. BROP) is an open trusted registry platform based on independent intellectual property rights developed by ZhongChao Blockchain Technology Research Institute. BROP records the user identity, data, digital assets through the underlying blockchain with the nodes ,and provides inquiry, verification, supervision, traceability, not-tampering ownership registration and information publicity services for business partners. Participants can cross-agency certification and circulation of certificates and digital certificates to achieve mutual trust between the independent participants.

The whitepaper explains the architecture, technical solutions, advantages, features and scenarios of BROP in details.

Download (Chinese Version)           View the whitepaper (Chinese Version)


ZhongChao Creditcard Industry Development CO.LTD. Hangzhou Blockchain Technology Research Institute (hereinafter referred as "ZhongChao Blockchain Research Institute") is one of the subordinate research institutions of ZCC. We’re committed to be the core force of the fintech innovation, and build the public infrastructure for financial services.

The team of ZhongChao Blockchain Research Institute is one of the earliest blockchain R&D teams in China. We focus on distributed ledger, cryptographic algorithm, cloud computing and big data technology , actively explore the front technologies of fiat digital currency, digitization of the Central Bank’s banknotes, and drive the innovative application of blockchain technology in finance and other fields.

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